Friday, September 10, 2010


Ah, back to school time. All of the supplies have been purchased and labeled. We've met the teachers and toured the new school. Now the actual first day has to be lived. My kids seemed excited for the year to start, much to my surprise. I figured Lindsey would be a total wreck going to a new school and not knowing anyone in her classes, but I guess that was just me. Logan is very excited to be at school without his sister there --- he is even riding a different bus. Sometimes they can be so independent. Here is a picture of my independent kids waiting for their buses (that is the dad in the background). Ain't they the cutest???? (They take after their mom.)

Logan's school has an awards program to honor the kids for doing well on their (dreaded) SOL's. Each child gets a certificate. If they made a perfect score of 600 on any of the tests, they also get a medal. On the back is the school year of the test (which would have been last school year) and the test it was (Social Studies, Math, Science or Reading, I think). Of course, the old 5th graders (now 6th graders) are not there, so this only includes the previous 3rd and 4th (now 4th and 5th) graders --- clear as mud? They let the now 2nd and 3rd graders sit in on the ceremony, also. I think this is to hopefully give them incentive to try hard to get a ribbon. Anyway, to cut to the chase, this next picture is Logan and his medal for a perfect score in Social Studies. Anyone who knows my history loving boy is not surprised that he aced this one. The sad thing is that he missed getting one for Math by one question. He and Lindsey did great on all of their tests last year and we are so proud of them both. Ain't he the cutest????

Of course, we cannot leave out our other "child". Zoey is getting ready to turn a year old next week, but she is still all puppy. Ain't she the cutest????

I hope to post some cards this weekend. I have them done, I just need to sit down and get the pictures and words together.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!!!!

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  1. Very, very cute to all! Hope the kids had a great first week.