Sunday, August 22, 2010


It is that time again ---- Back to School. So, we have done the shopping for supplies, the meeting of the teachers for Logan, touring the new Middle School for Lindsey, and getting the bus schedules straight. I just cannot believe that summer is over (maybe not calendar-wise, but it is for me). We will be starting soccer practice next week, also. Nothing like doing everything at one time. It should be a challenge this year to fit everything in. Logan is going into 4th grade, so his homework will be kicked up a notch.

Then, there is Lindsey. She is going into 6th grade at the Middle School. When we toured this week, of her 3rd through 6th period classes, she has only 1 friend from her old school in 1 of her classes. There are 5 feeder schools coming into this one. So, she is going from a total of 35 fifth graders last year to 250 students in 6th grade this year. Quite an adjustment. But I try not to worry too much. She is a great girl (no bias there), so she will not have trouble making new friends.

One of the items that Logan needed was a canvas bag to carry his books from classroom to classroom. I didn't have, in my stash of tote bags (one of the many fetishes I have, like stamps...), any that would work for a guy --- or so Logan said. So, I went to Michaels and picked up a ready-to-finish canvas bag. I wanted to get an iron-on transfer (I needed it the next day, of course), but they must not think guys would want any --- everything was very girlie, girlie. I didn't even see anything I thought Lindsey would have liked. So, in true crafter's fashion, I took matters into my own hands. I had been wanting to try stamping on fabric, but never seemed to get up the nerve. I had done it once at my upline, Debbie Naylor's, house, but that was way back when I first started. I was very indimidated by it. I don't know why, it is soooo easy. This is what I ended up doing for him.
The name is done with the one of the very first sets I purchased, the Tall Tales Alphabet. It is, of course, now retired. The dino's are from Prehistoric Pals, also retired.  I used craft ink in Brilliant Blue (retired), Pumpkin Pie, Real Red,Glorious Green (retired) and Chocolate Chip. The weave of the canvas was very high and I may not have let the ink soak in as long as I should have, so the image didn't come out solid, But I really like how it turned out. More importantly, Logan liked how it turned out.

Here is a close up.

Good luck to all of you parents that have kids going back to school and extra good luck to the teachers teaching them.

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  1. Love how this came out, Michelle! You are so brave stamping on canvas. I've never done it after that one time at Debbie's. I'm so glad Logan approves :) Have a great school year!